Book Of Common Prayer Wedding Vows

Those who need a source of inspiration that has a religious meaning can browse the Book of Common Prayer, which is the short title of a number of related prayer books, used by the Anglican Communion. This book was firstly published in 1549, thus making it one of the oldest religious books out there. The 1549 release was soon succeeded by a more reformed revision in 1552, under the same editorial hand. Furthermore, in 1604, James I ordered some more changes, some of the most important ones being the mention about catechism, and also a section about the Sacraments.

Today, this Book of Common Prayer is translated in more than 150 languages, being available in over 50 countries. Because it is dedicated to the Anglican Communion, as we have said earlier, some of its passages have been replaced by others, depending on the religious faith of those who use it as a source of inspiration. Many English Lutheran, Presbyterian and Methodist prayer books have borrowed passages from the Book of Common Prayer, such as the burial and marriage rites.

Book Of Common Prayer Wedding Vows

Book Of Common Prayer Wedding Vows (Photo by: Luke Addison)

And just like the Bible or many works written by Shakespeare, the Book of Common Prayer delivered plenty of words to those who need inspiration. And what better source of inspiration to seek in case you need help with your wedding vows?

And do not worry about the copyright of this book, because the Book of Common Prayer is long out of copyright, and it can be freely reproduced in most countries. This means that if you want to use a passage from this Book for your wedding, you can do this without concerns, because just like the Bible, the Book of Common Prayer belongs to the humanity and its words can be used by anyone who desires this.


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